About Us

Alliston Meats & Delicatessan started over 40 years ago.  It was created with a European foundation and strived to make customers feel like they would come in to Europe with every shopping experience.

My name is Tony, I am the owner and butcher at Alliston Meats & Delicatessan.  I always looked for the freshest and highest quality meats for my customers.  If I don’t think it is good enough to serve it to my family, I will not serve it to you!

When I started working at the shop, I was working for the greatest mentor Vinko, after I learned all that I could, I took over the business and its been history ever since.  Over the years I met incredible people, gained so much knowledge and will never give up being the greatest butcher I can be for my customers.  I truly believe that the service and quality products you get at Alliston Meats & Delicatessen will never compare to the all-in-one grocery chains.
I remember in my younger years how my parents used to visit the grocery store, bakery, butcher shop, flower shop etc…every store was unique, you got to know the owners and it was such a warm feeling!

This is the feeling I want my customers to have when they come to Alliston.  I don’t just want them to leave with a warm feeling, I want them to leave with good food to share with their family and friends.

Please come and visit me and my staff at Alliston Meats and Delicatessan and let us give you a little taste of the warmth and delicious!